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14-Point Review of Systems & Consult

Get a full body head-to-toe assessment of all your body systems and consult about your health and habits.

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Vital Sign and Diagnostics

Get a full understanding of your major organs and body systems with vital signs and non-invasive diagnostics (EKG, BGL, ultrasound, etc.)


Personal Health Consult

Ask us about medications, supplements, vaccines, etc. We'll give you latest data and simply the research to help you guide your own health decisions.


Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Improve range of motion, recover from injuries, and tend to wounds with at-home Physical Therapy & Rehab. Care for elderly, bariatric, and bedbound patients.


Diet, Nutrition, Fitness

Address questions/concerns about your diet and eating habits. Get weight-loss tips and a fitness routine personalized to your body-type.


Medication & Supplement Consult

Let's analyze you medication and supplements. We'll simply each compounds' function and offer alternative choices backed by recent data.