The Situation:

The current healthcare system setup is expensive and not convenient enough for the times we live in. The modern culture is lively, fast-paces, and highly business oriented to the point where health is often only a priority when it gets in the way of going to work or conducting daily business.


Calling in sick from a day of work, scheduling a doctor's appointment, dealing with long waits, unscheduled visit fees, co-pays, deductibles, prescription drug costs, and possible specialist/follow-up appointment referrals all to repeat the same process can be very stressful, very inconvenient, and very costly. Unfortunately, this is the healthcare society we have grown up in—though, it's not the one we need to live in.

The Solution:

Out with the old and in with the new! At-home, online, and tele-health medicine is on the rise. Patients all over the South East Michigan area will soon be able to get immediate one-on-one medical consultations. 


A new horizon of healthcare and the future of personalized medicine begins. Delta MEd is here to bring you the latest in healthcare, medicine, nutrition/diet, exercise, and more right in your home. 


Services Offered:

Personalized health and medicine isn't just about seeking out a doctor when you're sick. No. You'll receive the one-on-one time you need to address your health interests/concerns, and in addition you'll have an expert give you a personalized medical consult.

  • 14-point Review of System (ROS) Assessment

  • Physical Exams (general/focused)

  • Focused Medical History & Risk Assessment

  • Vital Signs

    • (Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, SpO2, Blood Glucose Level, Temperature)

  • Non-invasive Diagnostics

    • EKG, SpO2, Capnography, UltraSound, etc.

  • Diet/Nutrition Assessment

  • Medication and Supplement Review (Purpose, Goal, Alternatives)

  • Fitness Counseling (**with dietician and personal trainer)

  • Home Healthcare Triage and Specialist Referral

  • Wound Care

  • Muscle Stimulation Therapy 

  • Deep Fascial Tissue Massage

  • Spinal Adjustment

Our Business:

Delta MEd was founded on the front of research. And so Delta MEd will also conduct it's business in a mimicking pattern, following evidence-based research. Delta MEd's structure and growth progress will be divided into phases, similar to a medical research trial. 

The early phases of progress will offer limited services within a small population sample, for a small period of time. Afterwards each phase will conclude with thorough data analysis and re-adjustments (as needs)  before opening up a next phase to a larger population sample. Every phase will have a task, purpose, end-state, and critical criteria outlined. All critical criteria must be met/addresses before proceeding to the next phase.



Greater Detroit Area, Michigan

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